Friday, November 9, 2007


Oh...the changes we've seen!!

From this: To this: just three short months!

It's been amazing and wonderful to watch our baby boy grow and learn.
His newest developments:

Finding his voice. In this picture, we caught him in one of those moods when he yells happily.

Discovering his arms and hands. Lately he's just been holding his arm out straight and staring at it. He just now discovered his left arm, so we're guessing he's definitely going to be a "righty."

In other news:

NUMBER 1...THE GOWN: Just wanted to add some interesting tidbits about the gown that Gus wore for his baptism (I know this is long overdue!!). It was worn by my (Amy's) grandfather (Gus' great-grandfather!!) as well as my brother (Gus' Uncle Jim, aka "The Dude"). It is absolutely beautiful, and I was really proud of the fact that I washed and pressed it and didn't ruin it before the big day!! Thanks again, Grandpa and Granny, for letting us use it!! Thanks again, Gus V, for not pooping or spitting up on it!

NUMBER 2...THE NOSE: Scott has recently decided to try and figure out what has been causing his extreme morning congestion and general stuffiness. He went to an allergist and discovered that he is, unfortunately, allergic to our cats (and to dogs and some cockroach proteins...who knew?). So he has some medicine to try and I've been washing and dusting and vaccuuming like a good little wife to try and cut down on the cat protein that sticks to their fur/dander and makes him stuffy. The bedroom has also been declared off limits to the cats. (I'm afraid they really feel neglected now!) In order to avoid the medicine side of the solution, he also had surgery Thursday to make the turbinates in his nose smaller, hopefully reducing the amount of drainage and improving air flow. He is recovering well and looking pretty cool!

Two peas in a pod: Gus V staring off at something usual; Gus IV staring off in a pain pill-induced daze.

NUMBER 3...WHAT IS IT?: We went to the pediatrician this week and she confirmed that Gus has some sort of food sensitivity (something I had long been suspecting). So we are on the hunt to figure out what it is!! I'm off all dairy for the next 2 weeks and if that doesn't help, we'll try wheat, peanuts, other nuts, soy and who knows what else. We'll keep you posted!!


Anonymous said...

Just loved your little cow!! All the above pictures are wonderfull. Thanks for the close up of the dress, so lovely. Hope all goes well for both your boys. Love you all. grgrandmaK

Krista said...

I had major allergy problems when I was little and had the very same surgery--I was 12. It's not a fun surgery but I got much, much better with the constant stuffiness once I healed up.