Thursday, October 29, 2015

She's 6

It's hard to believe that Kip is 6.  

She is a sensitive, cheerful, nurturing girl.  She loves to take care of anyone hurt or sad and is a wonderful cuddle-er.  She is quick to pray about anything and everything.  Pink is still her favorite color and stuffed animals are her toy of choice.  She is blossoming in kindergarten, loves showing off her new sight word reading skills and can spend hours (seriously) working on coloring projects.  Most days, she is a good playmate for her brother, but sometimes needs her space and quiet.  She wants to be a nurse or vet when she grows up.

We had a party on Sunday for her with family and a few girls from school.  

We love you, big girl!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Today I had a "theme" day at home.

  All things Fall. 

 I put the garden to bed (minus the overgrown tomato bed, because I ran out of room in our yard waste bin). 

 I tided up the porch and watered our fall flower pots. 

 I put my winter clothes in my drawers and took care of Kip who is home sick with croup. 
She's a wonderful patient.  Just popsicles, juice and lots of tv.

And finally, I finished my first "antiquing" project! 
 All of our other battered items are legitimately battered 
because they are old and loved.  
This chest is old and well-loved, too.  An old toy box from my grandmother.
We are going to use it to store pellets for our stove this winter.

 I decided it was time for it to match all of our other old treasures 
so I tried my hand at antiquing it.  
I've now decided I'm going to do this on ALL my future projects because I hate the detail work of painting and this is the EXACT opposite!  
You paint it fast and messy.  
Then you mess it up some more which hides your painting errors. 
 It is the perfect type of project for me!! 

Hope you all are enjoying Fall wherever you are, too!