Friday, May 30, 2008

Childhood dreams really can come true....

Yup, that's right. This is really what you think it is: an entire bag full of genuine Lucky Charms marshmallows. We stumbled on them at a Mennonite market in Virginia. One of Scott's childhood dreams has come true at long last. Now he can enjoy that sugary goodness any time he wants, without having to bother with eating the actual cereal that would normally accompany the marshmallows! When I occasionally find bowls of colored milk lying around the house these days, I just have to smile:)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Vacation Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our vacation to Virginia.

One afternoon, Scott and Gus used some of our resort bucks and logged some father-son time at the waterpark. Actually, to tell the truth, Scott spent the entire morning there too:) There are only so many things you can do when your partner is under 42" tall.

Rockin' the lazy river.

Hanging in the tot "swings."
Checking out one of the many fountains.

Another afternoon was spent getting our sports fix.

Gus seen here acting as net judge (actually, he just watched the empty tennis ball can roll back and forth across the court; God was good to provide the wind) .

Tennis, anyone? (We're looking for a smaller racket.)

Mini golf. Gus was extremely helpful while Scott lined up his putts.

Oma and Opa came to spend the last few days with us.

3 out of 4 were participating in this photo shoot.
Opa trying to inspire Gus to get moving.
Flashing their pearly whites.

We finished up the trip with a visit to my Aunt Emilie and Uncle Steve's house for a scrumptious breakfast and a tour of their amazing gardens. Then, it was back in the car for the ride home. Let's just say we survived:)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok. Sorry. We haven't devoted much time to the blog lately. Here are some pictures from our trip to Massanutten, VA a few weeks back.

Gus getting the lay of the land and trying to figure out what to do first.

Gus participated in his first (of many) timeshare presentations. This was our fourth and this particular resort bribed us with 100 resort dollars to use on the premises. Not the best gift we've "received," but we didn't complain.

We took Gus to one of the indoor pools. They said the water was 84 degrees, but I'm not buying it. As a result, Gus wasn't in the pool long. Although he seemed perfectly content, we took him out after his lips turned a muted shade of blue. It was kind of a let down. We were all dressed up with nowhere to go!

The next day we went up into the Shenandoah National Park. Much of Skyline Drive was built during the Great Depression and this was a monument to the Civilian Conservation Corp. Gus was paying his respects.

We took a hike down to Dark Hollow Falls. Gus made the trek down in the pack.

Down in the hollow.

On the way home, we stopped at 1 of the 5 remaining covered bridges in the area.
Gus was as bored as you are right now, so he just slept in the car.

More later. It's late.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travelin' Man

We've just returned from a trip to VA. V-Man traveled well. More after we recover.