Tuesday, March 26, 2019


February was a mix of highs and lows this year.  Scott had a big work month, while the rest of us rested, did school or survived winter illnesses.
The Keller Williams yearly Family Reunion convention was held in New Orleans this year and Scott rocked it!  He hit the top 10 leaderboard for agents sharing their contact info by purchasing and retrofitting a gigantic light-up billboard backpack with his QR code and contact info.  He's hoping for some networking referral business to roll in this year!

 He also got awarded the prestigious Fonzie Award, which I think it pretty spot on (please excuse the language!) as he IS an amazing gentleman.
 The kids and I waited anxiously for him to get home from his trip, but kept busy with school and relaxation time!
 I am continuing to try to help Scott with his work load as the busy Spring selling season approaches.  I've been enjoying flexing my creative muscles on his social media platforms...so check them out if you get a chance! 

Monday, February 18, 2019


Big snow with cousin fun happened this January.  We missed a couple days of school and have had lots of delayed openings for snow, ice, and arctic temps.

Our two kittens Finn and Marie have been keeping us company and driving us crazy.  We attempted to "toilet" train them this month, but it was a flaming disaster and we're back to life with a litter box.  

Scott has been working steadily all winter.  He won a productivity award (helped I'm sure by the noise cancelling headphones I bought him for Christmas!), took us away for a night to a casino work party and got some tickets from a work friend to the Raven's playoff game.

I have been busy working at AACS, continuing to help Scott with marketing & social media posts like the one below, and have tried to keep up with family organization & squeezing in some exercise every once in awhile.

The winter blues and annual sick season are always tough for me this time of year, but Scott has been keeping all our spirits up!

The kids are busy growing, working hard on school projects and, of course, spending as much time as possible with their next door neighbor cousins. 

 We wrapped up January with a cozy night watching the Super Bowl.  
Poor Rams. Boo Patriots.
 Best quote of the month~
Gus was studying his memory verse about keeping in the light and I was asking him if hiding our deeds in the darkness would work. 
I asked, "Who can see what you do in the dark?"  
His answer:
"Cats!  Oh no wait, God."

Saturday, January 26, 2019

NYC December 2018

We took our first family trip to NYC in December.  So glad we had the opportunity!  The kids are at the perfect age and both did an amazing job hanging in for all the walking and waiting.

Day 1
Breakfast at Pret A Manger

9/11 Memorial

 Freedom Tower *Family Fav

Staten Island Ferry & Statue of Liberty

That evening we went to see Aladdin on Broadway.  Amazing!

Day 2
It rained, 
so we bought umbrellas, went to Macy's,
 ate hot dogs & ice cream 
and visited the American Museum of Natural History.

That night we coin hunted, had dinner in our apartment, 
ate candy and watched Night At The Museum.

 Day 3
Rockefeller Center

 FAO Schwarz & the Lego Store

 St. Patrick's Cathedral
Brooklyn thrift store shopping
 Junior's Cheesecake (stole their recipe and lost a tooth!)

On the subway again
Had another dinner in and a family game night.

Day 4
Sullivan Street Bakery 
(also scored some New York bagels to bring home)

The Highline

Getting tired...

Chelsea Market
 Chelsea Piers driving range
 Back home in time to hang our Christmas stockings
Happy 2019!