Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Grows Up

Our baby is 6 months old!!

So what is he up to?


Squealing like a teradactyl....

Looking beautiful....


And eating rice cereal!!! Here's a recap:

Ooohh, a bib!

Ooohh, a spoon!

Ooohh, the cereal!

He's a complete natural when it comes to chowing down! He had it all mastered (hands out of the way, mouth open, swallowing instead of spitting out) by halfway through the first feeding! Now he gets excited when he sees the bib come out, and he has his own eating soundtrack. It goes something like, "Um num, Yum num."

Unfortunately, tonight the little man's feeling pretty under the weather, following his first round of shots...hopefully, tomorrow he'll be back to his happy self.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


For a few weeks now, our little man has been sporting a super-sized butt, thanks to his new cloth diapers. They are actually surprisingly easy to use, quick to wash and don't leak like the disposables did! They are made by bumGenius and you can check them out here.
We figure that we would have spent roughly $450 dollars for a year's worth of diapers. 18 of these cost $305 and they'll last as long as Gus is in diapers (obviously more than a year) and maybe even into the next child (the "next child" part is still under debate). In addition to the monetary savings, we're also keeping A LOT of nasty diapers out of the landfill. Yes, there is additional water and detergent useage, but we believe that is an easier problem for the environment to solve...especially because we have a front loader.
So, yahoo for being thifty and environmentally friendly:)

Just don't mention the size of his butt to Gus. He doesn't take it too well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cabin Weekend

This past weekend, I got together with the "Cabin Guys." These are the guys that I spent the most time with in college. The Cabin is where we spent our Junior and Senior years together, thus the nickname.

Back in 1999, we made a commitment to continue to stay involved in each other's lives. Part of the way that commitment is lived out involves us getting together at least once a year. We are a little less spread out geographically then we used to be, but it can still be a challenge to find the time and the location to make it all work. This year, we came from Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa and Virginia to meet for four days in St. Louis. It was a rich time of discussion (finances, marriage, parenting, spirituality, friendship, vocation, etc.) mixed in with guns, four wheelers, cards and plenty of food and drink.

To the "Cabin Wives:" thanks so much for being willing to ride solo for a few days so that we could be together. I know it's a sacrifice, especially with so many kids in the mix now. I am firmly convinced, however, that our lives and marriages are better for it. There is just something about "guy time" that is so beneficial...especially between guys that know and care for each other. Anyway, thanks again. I appreciate you.

It's been almost 9 years since we left Covenant. Here's to many more gatherings (with spouses and kids...and without).

From left: Stephen, Anthony, Andrew, Josh and Kurt
Frankly, I'm not sure which is Stephen and which is the dead bear.
Josh training in on a clay pigeon. I'm pretty sure he hit it. He's good.

Kurt taking aim with his elephant gun.

Andrew and Stephen

Anthony headed off-road.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We haven't been good about posting lately. Sorry! Here are a few pictures to tide you over until we can take the time to update you on current happenings. Briefly, we had a good appointment with Gus's GI Doctor; he seems to be teething; and he and Amy have colds...thankfully it's not the flu! More later!

Gus has discovered his feet! His socks didn't stay on anyway and now they have even less of a chance.

Yes...we're brainwashing him. We even had the game on the day he was born. I do think he likes red, however, so that helps. I don't know, he kind of looks like he's arching his back and showing off his shirt in this picture. Maybe it IS genetic!

Everything is going straight to his mouth these days.


NO, that's not a dog toy.