Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly recap

A brief look at last week....

1) We decided to go ahead and tackle another home renovation project: this 1920's farmhouse in Crownsville, Md.  I already think of her as home:)

2) I spent a delightful morning baking bread with my sweet little helper.  Little man was also involved briefly, before he was summoned outside to ride bikes with his new favorite buddy from next door.

3) We spent Saturday morning washing my Grandma K's house with several other family members. Gus was very excited to be part of the team and spent his time collecting all our used sponges.....which are now part of his burgeoning "treasure" collection.  One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?!


4) Had a picnic lunch at the farmhouse after church .

5) Scored a FREE kids ATV for my little farmhands:)

6) Spent a morning at Sandy Point State Park.  Beautiful.

I'm afraid tomorrow will not be quite as exciting.  It looks like grocery shopping and getting a Maryland driver's license are what's on the to do list:)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strange New World

Well, in the month we've been here, it's become obvious that we are no longer living in the South/Bible belt/Dixieland any longer.

Not only are our children doing curious and unusual things, such as eating strawberries and whipped cream directly off the plate...

 or requesting that their toenails each be painted a different color,

but the culture is different too.

Here are a few examples we've noticed over the last couple weeks:

1. Instead of using the weather to make small talk here, people discuss traffic, or, alternatively, the tick population.  Seriously.  This has happened on multiple occasions.

2. Rather than secretly seeking out friends with access to cabins on the mountains, you start to look for people with boats.

3. No one calls you "Honey" the first time they meet you.  In fact, I think that may be a term of indearment that takes months or possibly years to earn.

4. Finally, someone, such as myself, may be forced to wear a light sweater, in the evening, on JUNE 2nd, whereas, back in Chattanooga, they would probably be camped out inside with the AC on.  Am I right?

We're adjusting and getting acclimated to this new normal. Although, Scott and I each had a moment of nostalgia this past week; once with a man in a pickup & camo and, later, listening to a woman with a very familar drawl.

Fortunately, our children are as doggone cute as we're staying very grounded:)