Saturday, April 30, 2016


Some days after school, the kids and I play a game we call Hi-Lo.  It's not really a game, more of a sharing experience.  When it's your turn you get to tell the highlight of your day and the lowest moment.  It gets some good conversations going most times.  

Well today I'm going to share my highs and lows of this Saturday.  Both of them star this little crazy one right here:

The high:  She wanted to make a special treat for everyone this morning and ended up basically baking a cake all by herself.  She started with milk, a banana, some chocolate chips, vanilla and some mini marshmallows.  Then she added flour and cooked it in the microwave.  It was actually pretty good!

The low:  After dinner, we were all working/playing in the yard.  She came up to me with a big bouquet of leaves that she wanted to put in a vase inside.  One look and I knew....You guessed it: poison ivy.  We immediately instituted emergency Technu hand washing, which I thought might be sufficient, until she told me she had rubbed the leaves on her cheek because she liked them so much.....I think we might be doomed.  

But, high or low, we love this little girl so much!  She makes everyday brighter.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cuties are here!

We picked up our babies today at Homestead Gardens!

Two Barred Rocks that are about 2 weeks old:

Two Ameraucanas and two Buff Orpingtons that are just a few days old: 

The kids are so excited and have already started working on a list of names.  So far the suggestions are: 
Yellow 1
Yellow 2
Guess we'll see which ones stick.

The smaller ones are just the most precious things ever:  tiny little chirps if you wake them up and the most hilarious way of falling asleep.  They will be standing up, and then close their eyes and their little heads will just slowly lean down until they are resting on their beaks, fast asleep.

The bigger ones are, frankly, pretty boring.  I'm glad we got a few little ones so we get to experience the tiny chick phase.