Monday, September 3, 2012

Party Time


For Gus' party this year, he chose an Olympic theme, complete with flags, Go USA food and decorations and water balloon tosses.  We had it at our VERY in-process farmhouse (note the washing machine holding utensils) and got a chance to use the new (redneck) above ground pool. 

It actually turned out to be a wee bit cool for swimming, so Scott volunteered to be the designated adult swimmer, since I most definitely was not getting in.


 And last but not least was the jello cake.  Yes, the same kind as was requested last year!  I think I see a tradition in the making. 

And yes, we did put candles delicately into the jello...
and rejoiced as our little buddy turned 5!

We love you Gus!
P.S. Special thanks to Grandma K for helping me figure out how to extricate the jello from the jello mold:)