Monday, March 31, 2008


We have successfully taken our first real trip as a family of 3!

We made the journey up to Annapolis over Easter weekend. I was honestly expecting the drive, overnight stay and flights to leave the little man looking a little like this:

Instead, we had a really great traveling experience!! Gus did such a wonderful job. On the flights, he ate and played and even took one nap stretched across our legs. We are so thankful that he's such an easy-going dude:)

Here are a few pictures from his adventures at Oma and Opa's.

Hanging out with Grandma K.

Playing on the rug--our Mr. Independent.

Taking a bath in Oma's bath tub.

Again....entertaining himself:)


#1 Jim and Laura: your wedding was beautiful! We love you both and are so happy to see the family finally completed and full:)

#2 Happy Birthday Grace Olivia!! We love you too!

Monday, March 17, 2008


We were under the assumption, because Gus has been such a great eater, that he would eat anything. Today we decided to add the first vegetable (an avocado) to his diet in celebration of his 7 month birthday. Up until this point, he had only been eating rice cereal and oatmeal.

A picture is worth a thousand words. (OK, maybe a couple pictures....)

I'm sorry...avo-what?
Ummm, yeah....this doesn't taste like rice.
Ummm, yeah...I'm pretty sure I don't like this.
Can I be excused?
Vegetables stink!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bradley Babies

A couple weekends ago we got together with the couples from our Bradley pregnancy/birth class and our instructor, Stephanie. It was great to catch up, meet the babies and hear everyone's birth stories! Here are the beautiful babies (forgive me if I get any spellings wrong!):





P.S. Norman, Angela and Troy, we missed you!!