Sunday, November 29, 2015


We have decided as a family to embark on a "special diet," as Gus calls it.  

We are trying to cut out processed foods, artificial flavors and colors, and preservatives as explained in 100 Days of Real Food.  

And we're trying to do it on a budget.

It's a little crazy, I'll admit, but I also enjoy cooking and baking and planning.  Today is Week 1 on my own meal plan.  Previously I'd been using the ones you can get on the 100 Day of Real Food website.  

So, here's my very first, official meal plan.

I think that this is the recipe I'm most excited about:

Potato and Cauliflower Chowder on 100 Days of #RealFood

And I think this (Cheddar Garlic Biscuits) is the one Scott will like the most:

Whole-Wheat Cheddar Garlic Drop Biscuits from 100 Days of Real Food

So, I'll keep you posted on how well it goes and whether I actually stick to it or not! 

Monday, November 2, 2015


Image result for quotes about chickens

Next spring, we are hoping to add chickens to our little homestead!

Scott has come up with an amazing idea for a mobile coop we can move around the yard, so the poultry don't tear up all our grass...and so they can forage for bugs!  He went to a farm a few weeks ago where they do this successfully with a thousand chickens.  Of course, we won't have that many, but we like the idea.  

Anyway:  Enter our 8 year old deal hound.  Over the weekend, Gus spied this awesome trailer/back of a pick-up on the side of the road.

Long, long story short, he got us this sweet, redneck trailer for a total price of $25 and helped Scott tow it back to yard.  He loves his Datsun!

Scott is going to build some nesting boxes and figure out how to attach an electric fence,

so, come March we'll be proud parents of a bunch of cute little chicks!