Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And so, we begin again...

Scott does not make New Years resolutions, but I just can't seem to stop.  There's something about a new year that makes me want to re-evaluate, get organized and get started on something new.  Living in the south makes it even easier since I can go outside in January and see things starting to sprout up and begin again, too.

2010 ended, unfortunately, with much sickness at our house, but here are a few Christmas photos before I move on to 2011 for good!

Gus is fascinated with dressing up in clothes that are way too small. This was supposed to be Kip's Christmas outfit....

Christmas cookies!!

 What a big helper!

Christmas morning

Carol Ann and Elizabeth Anne came to visit.  Gus loved being read stories by his cousin and Kip couldn't get enough of being walked around!

And, last but not least, we finally got our white Christmas.

Now, on to my new project for 2011: A backyard patio/eating area that I can build myself on a super small budget. I've already started ripping out the weeds.  That's free....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Dictator

Remind you of anyone infamous?  (I just couldn't resist!)

Seriously, though, Kip is VERY opinionated these days and not afraid to let you know it.  Her favorite thing to do is shake her head NO in answer to every question you ask.  We read somewhere the other day that 14 month olds will be hanging on you one minute and then want nothing to do with you the next.  That pretty much fits our baby exactly these days.  She goes from little open-mouthed kisses and leg squeezing hugs to flailing limbs and temper tandrums in seconds sometimes:)  And she's proving to Gus that she can fight over toys just as much as he can.  Just wait til she decides to walk on her own, buddy.

Mary Anne

Gus is going through this funny phase where he pretends to be a different vehicle everyday and must dress accordingly.  We have been reading a lot of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.  Gus was Mary Anne (the steam shovel) for about a week.  He insisted on only wearing red, day and night.  Now he's on to something else (a train, I believe) so I finally got to wash his red sweatpants:) 3 year olds are fun...and quirky!