Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Miss Fix-it

Ah, the joys of learning to use tools!

Kip is a joy to be with these days!  While she can be shy at first with new people, at home she is self-assured and self-sufficient.  She insists on doing most things by herself and is bound and determined to do everything Gus and the grown ups are doing.  My favorite anecdote from her recent adventures is the time (a few days after she saw me putting on chapstick) that I walked in and found her smearing a gluestick all over her lips:)

It is also so much fun to listen to her talk.  She repeats everything, learns new words everyday and can usually communicate what she wants and needs.  Here are a few of her new phrases and words.

up please: uppies
here they are: here y ar (said with cutest inflection!)
drink: gink
paci: pappy
cheese: cheeeeee!
cat: ca-ca
dog: dog dog
gus: guh!!!!!!! (although lately she has been adding the "s" occasionally)
all done: au dun
again: 'gin
open: opee
Go Cards!: Go cars! (with arms in the air)
I love you: I nuh new