Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016

Hello from blizzard land!  
It's been a blast so far.  I spotted the first snowflake out this window yesterday at exactly 1:24 pm.  (We all made guesses as to when it would start and the storm beat us by a whole hour!)
As soon as Gus saw the second flake, the three of us (yes, I love snow!) were jumping up and down and yelling in excitement.

We braved the first 6 inches yesterday evening to hang out with friends for dinner and then listened all night to the wind howling around the house.  

This morning, after a celebratory blizzard donut, both kids were in the snow by 7:45.

Several hours and cups of hot cocoa later, it looks like this.  You can't see it, but both cars are stuck behind a wall of snow left by the snow plows....Guess we'll be here a while!


But that's OK.  We've got all the electronics charged, the generator hooked up just in case, a puzzle on the table and lots and lots of food!

I went to the Farmer's Market last Sunday, and I think between Scott and I we've been to the store at least 4 times since know, just to be sure.

Winter farmer's market score!
We're not planning on sticking to a meal plan over the next couple days, but here's one from a few weeks ago that turned out great.  

I've really been enjoying experimenting with baking our own bread.  The recipe on this meal plan is my absolute favorite.  I've been trying to adapt it to soaking, and while it works, it's not quite as delicious as the original.  The kids switched over to "real" bread pretty easily and also have accepted homemade tortillas (Scott not so much, but he's been really sweet about it!).

I also have had a few revelations about introducing the kids to new foods.  Number 1: don't even bother if it's green.  Find something in another color.  Number 2: Don't give it to them at first.  Eat it yourself and wait for them to ask what it is.  This happened to me TWICE this week.  First with hummus.  Gus has now decided it's his favorite food after previously saying it looked disgusting.  I think it was the delicious smell that won him over.  It happened a day later with Kip and some almond butter on a spoon.  She's had it every day since then.  Both of these are foods I have tried before and really wanted my kids to like, but had given up on!

Anyway, for now I'm going to try to sneak in a cup of tea and an episode of Downton Abbey while Scott shovels.  Poor man.

Happy Blizzard, everyone!

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