Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kip 1.25

This is classic Kip.  Always climbing, exploring, moving and having a great time doing it!

At her 15 month appointment, she weighed in at a slight 18 lbs (5%), but is 30 1/4 inches tall, which is 50% (and a whole inch taller than Gus was at 15 months!). 

Kip's favorite things to do these days are playing outside (she cries when it's time to come in),

pushing her cart around so she's fast enough to chase Gus,

(sometimes she lets Gus help)

 reading books (she grabs them and then plops herself down in our laps),

wearing hats,

being with her dad,

and walking!

She has finally decided to try it on her own, and after so much time practicing with us, she's already a pro.

Some of our favorite things about Kip are the way she giggles when Gus clowns around,
her husky little voice,
her hugs,
her fondness for animal noises,
the way she folds her hands, especially while sulking,

I think of it as a toddler version of crossing her arms

how she says "Amen" after we pray,
and how all her attempts to sing sound like, "O-bey".

She is a joy to have in our lives each day, and we are so thankful for her!

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oma said...

Congratulations Kip...on a job well done...not only on your walking but for all the joy you bring to so many in your OWN style!!