Monday, March 7, 2011

Gus 3.5

Our happy, giggly, and talkative boy is 3 1/2 now and going through a serious growth spurt!  He asks (usually very politely) for seconds, and even thirds, these days.  His imagination is in full gear now, and I enjoy hearing the intricate details of whatever he is pretending to be or do.  He is constantly running to find me and tell me something he has noticed or desperately needs me to be aware of. 

Here he is showing off a new game we invented that involves a cup flying across the dining room table.  The opposing team tries to catch it before it falls off the table....but either way, much laughing is involved!

Here, he is an Indian in his makeshift teepee, complete with kitchen and probably, if I know him, a garage:)

We got a surprise this winter when we let Gus' hair grow out a bit longer.  It's curly all over the top! Guess we should have seen that coming:)  We've also had fun watching Gus' confidence in his physical abilities grow through the gymnastics classes he has been taking.  He spends much more time climbing onto and jumping off of things these days!

He is working on getting himself dressed, not sucking his thumb (a couple bandaids a day for each thumb are doing the trick right now!) and sharing his precious cars and trucks.  Today at playgroup, he desperately wanted a turn with another boy's car, but his pleas were repeatedly rebuffed.  Eventually, with some coaching, he shared his own car first and before I knew it the two boys were playing together like fast friends! Way to go, Gus!

His favorite activities these days include building train yards and parking lots, being tickled by his dad, running and spinning in circles, and helping out with Kip (you read that right!).

One last funny story (there are many, but this is freshest in my mind).  Yesterday during church we recited the Lord's Prayer.  Gus has been learning this in Sunday School, so he immediately chimed in (at full volume), "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be my name...."  We decided to ask him to whisper the rest:)


MichaelandErin said...

Oh my how time flies by ... just yesterday you were carrying him inside and we were waiting to meet him ... what a joy he is to all of us ... Thank you for raising such a fun loving curious boy!

Anonymous said...

they are super kids with super parents
love you all
Papa Gus