Friday, October 16, 2009

House of Dust

We haven't posted in a while. Our house has been rearranged due to a little remodeling project that has turned into a medium-sized remodeling project, so the computer hasn't been as easy to use. Everything we had in our den is now scattered throughout the rest of the house, Scott is now dressing up in the attic, there is a fine layer of dust in most every room and the house smells of paint, new wood and drywall. Oh well. It's something we've been wanting to do since we moved in five years ago. We feel like we've been patient until now and with Kip on the way (nothing stirring yet) we decided to go for it. Once the project is finished (please let it be before we bring a newborn home from the hospital!) our bedroom closet will be twice as big, Gus' bathroom will have a linen closet, and our den will have new walls and windows, a refinished ceiling, and new carpet. Hopefully, it will someday be able to serve as a bedroom for one of the kids. For now, we are learning to live in moderate chaos and becoming used to living on "contractor time," which means things don't always go the way we expect or happen quite as fast. Thankfully our guys are better than most, though! Hopefully, we'll have some before and after pictures to post soon! where did we put that memory card adapter?

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Heather D said...

how's the remodeling project going? We've been thinking about you all and are just waiting to hear that Mom's dashed off to Chattanooga!

love you all!