Friday, August 1, 2008


Scott's birthday gift from me this year was a trip to Atlanta to see the Cardinals play. We got some SWEET seats 5 rows off the field just past the dugout.
Scott snapped these sports magazine-worthy pictures before the camera battery died (he knows letting his battery die was NOT sports magazine-worthy).


Gus definitely enjoyed his first Cards game, although he doesn't really look like it in this picture. He took a power nap on the drive over to the stadium and then stayed up for the entire game...4.5 hours past his bedtime! That's our boy!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful father and son picture!! I think it is worth duplicating every year..same place same time...or at least in some ball park together!!

Happy Birthday to BOTH August born Nolls!!

much love,

Anonymous said...

But did they win????? Yes, Oma has a good idea, a father / son picture every year at a Cards game, it's a great idea.
Papa Gus