Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Summer Recap

Oh, the things you can do when your wonderful husband cooks dinner!  
Like finally getting around to doing a new blog post!  
We had a fun, busy summer during 2016.  No camps or lessons, but lots of days with friends, Vacation Bible Schools, school review and planning for next year, Real Estate, a few birthdays and a family vacation!  And also lots of chicken wrangling.  Lots.
Our 6 girls have grown up a lot over the summer.  Here they are in May.
 Our Datsun trailer is up and running as a coop (now painted a lovely sky blue) and the kids have become adept at chasing and catching the chicks when they need to.
The girls are now full grown and laying eggs.  We usually have 4 a day at this point, but we think that two of them aren't laying yet.
 Hobbes, proud layer of the very first egg.
They also like to visit when they escape their fence!
  Gus and Kip kept busy with friends, art projects and legos when it got too hot to be outside.  
 I did a lot of school planning and worked around the house and in the garden.
Food in the garden becomes....

food in the freezer!
Laundry on the line becomes....

more laundry!

Scott worked long hours all summer and closed on several houses including this beautiful one just down the road from us!

 July brought our trip with the Deterding side of the family to Deep Creek Lake. 
   And relaxing on the lake:
  Scott and I got away for a weekend for his birthday in August, renting a SWEET ride and enjoying historic Leesburg, VA. 
Gus turned 9 on August 17th.  We can't believe it!  He is as energetic and vocal as ever, full of silly stories and infectious laughter-especially when being tickled or hearing a joke for the first time (or the 4th time, really)! 
We got him his own tool set with everything he needs to work on restoring and improving his collection of matchbox and hotwheels cars.
 We also enjoyed a visit with Scott's mom Carol Ann, full of swimming, shopping and very good eating.  As usual, I ended up with NO pictures.  Be forewarned, Nonnie!  Next time, I'm gonna take a million!! 
Now that we're back to school and on a more regular schedule, hopefully, I'll give more updates on what's happening around our homestead.  I just have to get Scott to make dinner more often  The kids like his cooking better than mine anyway! 

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