Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strawberry Cream Cakes

Spending time working at our farmhouse has been hard, but also good for our kids.  They get bored and hungry and extremely dirty. But, on the other hand, they are becoming masters of entertaining themselves. 
I spent a couple mornings there this week and thought I'd give you a snap shot of their creativity:
~One morning they spent 2+ hours "farming" the tent caterpillars that have set up shop in one of our trees.  They would capture them, build them homes, drive them around the yard on their kids size ATV, and then put them back where they found them.
~They have established a place down in the crawlspace called "Dusty Island."  Sometimes it's an archaeological dig, sometimes it's a restaurant, but it's always full of dirt & dust to play with!
~Yesterday, after quite a while playing quietly by herself, Kip presented me with my very own strawberry cream sawdust cake for my "birthday."  It was made of a 2 X 2 square of scrap wood, covered with sawdust, and it seriously did look like a little cake with icing!
Some days, I feel like we're just playing out a modern version of Little House On the Prairie, and it's such a joy to see our kids adapt and thrive in this new environment.

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