Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The wind in our willows...

....well, actually, our hackberry trees, if you want to get technical. 

It started this morning with lots of clouds and a gentle rain.  During breakfast, however, I noticed that the rain was becoming more horizontal and the wind was picking up.  The lights started to flicker.  I heard a soft thump, but didn't think much of it, until Scott walked out of the bathroom where he'd been shaving and calmly announced, "There's a tree on our house."

It looks pretty rough all around the neighborhood.  This is across the street from us:

This afternoon, I went outside to take pictures and couldn't help noticing the constant noise: firetrucks, people out surveying the damage, chainsaws going already.  And I'm pretty sure I saw a Red Cross Natural Disaster Response van at the rec center!

We're so thankful that we're not hurt, but I'm mourning the loss of our one large shade tree.  Sure, hackberries aren't really pretty, it's growing through our fence and it makes these tiny berries that I have to constantly pull out of Kip's mouth.  Plus our garden will be getting a lot more sun!  But, it was shady and our windchimes made beautiful music hanging up there.  I'm going to miss you, old girl!

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