Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the 'Lou

A few weeks after our return from FL, we drove to St. Louis for my big sister's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. I had never met the groom in person, so I had no idea what the weekend was going to be like but everything went really well. I can't believe she's married now, but I'm very happy for her and look forward to getting to know Matt better as the years pass. After the wedding, we stayed on for another week to hang out with my mom. We really enjoyed our time together. We went shopping, ate too much custard (and too much food in general), took in a baseball game, went to the Zoo, Science Center, Botanical Garden (Amy had fun seeing college roommates Holly and Sarah, plus kids!), a farmer's market, had a nice 8th anniversary dinner out, community pool, Magic House, got a lot done around my mom's house and just plain hung out. We also got a little time with my maternal grandmother, dad, stepmom, all three of my aunts, one of my uncles, a cousin and my niece. That's the great side benefit of weddings: getting multiple family members together in one place. It was a lot of fun. We also got to see the Hagers, some great highschool/college friends, on the way out of town.

The Family ShotsAunt Jennie, Cousin Elizabeth, Nonnie & Nonnie LewisGus got really attached to Elizabeth and wanted to wake her up each morning.He also wanted to spend as much time as possible with Aunt Jennie....although she was definitely a busy woman.Nonnie and her sister Dee Dee at the rehearsal dinner.


The Magic House (kind of like our Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga)

The Botanical Gardens

The Science Center & Zoo- two great FREE St. Louis attractions
Don't read this Oma! There is a highway 20 feet below that pane of glass!

Cardinals game-Thanks for the awesome tickets, Hagers!!

The community pool.

We spent our last day at this amazing pool - baby pool/slide, medium slide, lazy river, whirlpools, high slide, steep slide, lap pool, waterworks, etc. Oh, how we wish St. Elmo could get a pool like this!

Congrats, Jennie and Matt! Thanks everyone! It was great to see you all!

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Angela said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! Glad you stayed healthy, too! Scott and Gus look a bit like Nonnie!