Sunday, January 25, 2009

Texas hospitality

Our lovely hostesses: Aunt Dee Dee & Carol Ann aka "Nonnie" (Nonnie Lewis not pictured)

We had a wonderful trip to Texas this year for Christmas with Scott's family. We were treated to amazing meals, an over-abundance of new toys & gifts and some much needed free babysitting:)

We took the kids to the Dallas Zoo one day. We probably could have spent the entire time in the Children's Zoo area. It was by far the best one we've seen!

Gus didn't quite understand the change to Central time, so we usually were up and out of the house to some breakfast establishment long before anyone else was awake. He especially enjoyed our morning at Starbuck's.

So, anyway, thanks again for having us! Sorry it took so long to share our photos!!

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Anonymous said...

It's icing outside this it's nice to have time to enjoy your blog! It's so good to see people we know but don't often get to see...
love, oma