Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dinner Club...for the Weekend

Ok. So if you don't already know, we are members of a dinner club with four other couples that all live within two or three houses of us. We get together once a month to eat together. We also have a dinner co-op with the same group. We share meals every Sunday and Monday and then again every second Tuesday. It sounds complicated, but it makes our cooking lives so much easier. I'd highly recommend it! Anywho, a few weeks back we extended our monthly dinner for a 24-hour jaunt up to a cabin on the back of the Mountain with two of the four couples. It was our first field trip and we really enjoyed it. Thanks, guys, for making time to get away together and for being such great neighbors! We're glad God put us where we are!

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Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooooooooo! We made the blog!!!!

-Neighbor Kean