Saturday, November 1, 2008


We have now all fallen, one by one, into the "yuck" zone. I had it Wednesday and now Scott is in the midst of it today (say a prayer for him, if you get a second-this is never fun). It's so terrible while you have it, but it's so true that once you've recovered, life seems rosier somehow.

While Scott is convalescing, Gus and I are housesitting on the mountain and making the most of the beautiful fall weather up here. We just got back from a short walk, and I had a blast watching Gus explore. He hasn't really hit that "into everything" phase yet (for which I suppose I should be thankful!), but he does observe everything pretty thoughtfully these days. Today, he discovered a new favorite: acorns. He looked at a bunch, found two favorites, and spent the entire rest of our walk with them clenched in his tiny fists. Every once in a while, I would catch him checking on them to make sure they were all right. We looked at leaves, bushes, grass, a fountain and climbed some steps-which, of course, was slightly more complicated due to the acorns. Maybe we'll go for a real hike this afternoon, after we check in on Scott, of course....

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